Nikon Reportedly Cancels Coolpix S4100 Launch Due To Japan Supply Issues

We had no illusions that the earthquake in Japan earlier this year was truly tragic, and aside from disrupting and ruining the lives of thousands of individuals, it has also caused tons of problems for companies operating out of the island nation. To our surprise, it seems that most companies have managed to pick up the pieces and forge ahead without too many notable disruptions; there have been a few supply problems here and there, but largely things have been cruising along just fine so far as the outside world can tell.

Nikon, which obviously has a huge amount of operations within Japan, is feeling the pinch somewhat. According to Tech-On!, the company has cancelled the release of their upcoming Coolpix S4100 digital camera. It was slated to ship this month, but now the company has found it "difficult to stably manufacture and supply the camera because procurement of some parts became difficult in the wake of the earthquakes that hit Japan."

The S4100 was originally launched in February, with a 14MP sensor and a touchpanel on the rear. Having something like a point and shoot delayed doesn't seem like the end of the world, but if these supply problems linger and hits other, more notable DSLR products…that could definitely spell trouble.
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