Nikon Puts DX Sensor Into Compact Coolpix A Camera

These days, camera makers are trying all sorts of new tricks in order to make up for lost sales in the point-and-shoot department. Ever since cameraphones became acceptable enough for the masses, there have been a lot fewer reasons to splurge on a compact. And with technology constantly shrinking, we've seen a number of companies attempt to shove high-spec product into small containers. Take a look at Nikon's new Coolpix A -- it's the company's first DX-format Coolpix. In other words, the sensor is the same as was in the heralded D90 a few years ago, but its size is far more mobile.

The all-glass 18.5mm (28mm equivalent) prime lens has an f/2.8 aperture, and there's 16.2 megapixels to work with. It supports 4 frames-per-second bursting, multiple Scene Modes, and the ability to shoot RAW/NEF image files. Accessories are also available, including the DF-CP1 Optical Viewfinder, the UR-E24 Adapter Ring for attaching lens hoods and filters, and the HN-CP18 metal Lens Hood, which helps protect the surface of the lens and restricts light from passing through without negatively influencing images. The camera also has a full size hot shoe port that makes the camera compatible with various accessories such as Nikon Speedlights.

The only real issue? The $1,100 MSRP, as it launches later this month. Remember, you can't swap lenses on this thing. You're just buying a highly restricted, very expensive, very high-quality compact. Perhaps there's a market for that -- are you in it?