Nikon President Hints At Interchangeable Lens Camera Model

Sony has their NEX line, while Olympus and Panasonic have Micro Four Thirds. It's a blossoming market, and just about everyone is getting into the interchangeable lens camera sector. They're smaller than DSLRs, yet offer far more flexibility compared to a standard compact digital camera. But one camera company that has yet to dive in is Nikon. Nikon is a staple in the camera industry, and it makes sense to think that they'd eventually follow suit. But they real question is "When?"

According to a new interview and report from Reuters, "when" may be "soon." Nikon's president has reportedly told Reuters that they are "readying a camera model [that they hope] will create a new market," and that camera will compete directly with Sony's NEX line. That leaves little to the imagination. It almost certainly has to be some form of shrunken DSLR with interchangeable lenses. The president said: "We want to propose another type of photography. I don't think there is any need to limit it to two categories. We want to create a new market."

We're guessing that "two categories" presently refers to standard point and shoot models along with DSLRs, with a third market being this new compact DSLR market. No mentions were made about model numbers, expected pricing or even a release, but the company would do themselves  favor by introducing interchangeable lens model camera prior to the holiday season. Photokina is just around the corner; who knows, maybe that'll be the true launching pad.