Nikon Introduces Geotagging GP-1 Dongle

Just in time for Christmas, Nikon is granting the wish of many by shipping the new GP-1 GPS add-on dongle. This handy little add-on was first announced back in August. The GP-1 geotags images taken with a compatible DSLR by recording latitude, longitude, altitude, and time information. Many image processing software programs support geotagging, including Nikon’s own ViewNX. Online services such as Flickr also support geotagging.

According to Nokia, it’ll take about 45 seconds for the device to acquire satellites from a cold start, and only 5 seconds from a hot start. Approximate dimensions of the dongle are 2 x 1.8 x 1 inches.

The GP-1 GPS slides into the hot-shoe on many DSLRs and connects to the body of your D200 (via a 10-pin remote terminal cable GP1-CA10), D3, D700, D90 (via accessory terminal cable GP1-CA90), D300, or D3X through a cable. For cameras where the dongle doesn’t slide in to the hot-shoe, it clips onto the camera’s strap.

The device doesn’t offer a lot in terms of indicators—it provides just two LEDs, a red blinking light to indicate no satellite information and a green blinking light to indicate three satellites are available. When four or more satellites are accessible, the green LED will remain solid. Pretty simple, yes, and that’s not all bad, but for $240, we’d expect a little bit more.


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