100GB Blu-Ray Discs On The Way

What do you get when you tell Hitachi engineers that they need to come up with a ridiculously large amount of storage on a single Blu-Ray disc?

If your answer was a four layer disc that can hold up to 100GB of data, then you might want to look into a future as a fortune teller or psychic.

But what about the player?  Do consumers need to have some sort of 'super' Blu-Ray disc player for these?  Thankfully the answer is probably not:

“While companies such as TDK and Panasonic have previously mooted 100GB discs, they have always needed a specially developed optical head in the player to read the disc.

Hitachi, however, claims to have used a standard Blu-Ray drive optical head that's only slightly modified to allow it to read and write data across the four 25GB layers. It's believed this will only require a firmware update to make existing drives compatible.”

What could 100GB worth of storage be used for?  Perhaps an entire season of HD quality shows on a disc or two?  Perhaps more extra features than we've ever really imagined possible?  There are lots of possibilities here.

We're hoping that Sony PS3s get a firmware patch for this.  Folding, gaming, and possibly 100GB discs.  What's not to love?