Next Generation AMD Radeon Graphics Cards Caught In The Wild With Key Developers

Whenever there's a new flagship graphics card on the horizon, it's almost a given that we'll be treated to a number of leaks about it in advance of its launch. It's not too often, though, that a leak comes from a reputable, trusted source. Take Johan Andersson, for example, the Studio Manager for Paradox Interactive.

In a tweet, Johan gives thanks to AMD for sending him a brand spanking new Radeon, and it doesn't take much imagination to take a stab at guessing that it's the much-rumored R9 390X.

Unreleased Radeon

I can't help but jump to conclusions that this leak was allowed to happen, to help drum up attention for AMD's upcoming series. Developers that receive such cards are not going to be ignorant enough to realize that they're dealing with unreleased product, and thus you wouldn't imagine any would post them publicly. Johan did, and I am doubtful that AMD is too concerned about it.

Johan could also be considered an interesting target of AMD, as he's been a go-to developer for NVIDIA in the past. He spoke alongside Tim Sweeney and John Carmack at an NVIDIA Editor's Day in late 2013, so one must wonder if AMD is trying to take a stab at its green opponent.

Or, it could be that I'm filling in blanks that don't exist. Either way, it's great to see an upcoming Radeon card leaked by a trusted source, because it means that the release is likely right around the corner.