Next Gen Laptops To Be Quad-Core?

One nice thing about the recent transition Apple made over to Intel platforms is that Mac users spend less time touting their G5 CPUs and more time digging up interesting tidbits about future Intel CPUs.  Details like the next-generation mobile technology going quad-core while remaining at 45W TPW are the sort of buzz we live for here.

Perhaps the best part about this mobile quad-core is that it's not some nebulous product that Intel will release years down the road.  It's something that Intel is demonstrating engineering samples of.

Of course the 45W TPW is a bit higher than the existing 35W envelope, and a lot higher than the rumored 25W for some of the new Penryn based mobile CPUs due to see the light of day sometime around the first quarter of 2008.  Extra heat requires extra cooling, and here is what Intel is planning:

Also during his presentation, Eden spoke at some length about a new strategy for cooling notebooks based on compressor technology similar to that used in refrigerators and air conditioners. He showed off a compressor cylinder about 2cm in diameter and 10cm long, as well as a notebook stand and cooling system containing three of the compressors which he claimed could reduce notebook chassis temperatures by around 10-degrees Celsius. He also demonstrated how the compressors can be incorporated directly into notebook's heatsink and fan assembly.

As a final order of business, the Intel exec disclosed details of a new material under development by his Santa Clara-based firm designed to be permeable to air but also act as a barrier to liquids. The idea is to allow notebook makers to design systems where air for cooling is taken in through keyboard rather than from vents on the underside or rear (which is common in today's designs), yet still offer protection from accidental spillages.