NexPad Cleverly Turns Your Laptop Into A Dual Monitor Setup Without Taking Up Desk Space

nex pad monitor
Nex Computer announces the launch of its NexPad, a portable monitor that can be attached to the top of a laptop screen as an additional monitor on the go. If you need a larger screen for your smartphone, NexPad has you covered there as well.

With more people working from home and an increase in content creators, the need for more than one screen is almost a given for many. Typical setups will have monitors aligned side-by-side, causing the user to have to look to their left and/or right constantly. Some take advantage of monitor arms that allow them to stack monitors atop one another. But what about those who want to travel and be productive on the go? How about those who have limited desk space and do not have room for a monitor placed adjacent to their laptop? Having a monitor that can be mounted above your laptop screen would save your neck quite a bit of strain, as well save some valuable desk real estate. Well, Nex Computer has come up with a solution for that.

nex pad monitor and phone

The NexPad monitor attaches to the back of your laptop via magnets, allowing it to be placed atop the laptop screen. The screen comes encased in an aluminum body, housing a 12-inch full HD IPS touch-screen display with narrow bezels. It also comes with a handy kickstand, which allows you to use the portable screen for a wide array of use cases and scenarios.

Another use for the NexPad is adding a larger screen to your smartphone. Want to watch that show on Netflix on a 12-inch screen? Then attach your phone using the magnets, plug in the USB-C cable, and enjoy the show.

nex pad device kickstand usb cable

NexPad has you covered whether you are on a MacBook, or a USB-C laptop. When you are not using the included USB-C cable, it can be tucked away for safe keeping in a specially designed slot on the back of the kickstand.

"We are launching NexPad to enable the modern professional to be more productive in the ever more mobile workplace," commented Emre Kosmaz, CEO and founder of Nex Computer. "Professionals in any industry can now enjoy the additional screen space to free themselves from the traditional desk setups by embracing flexibility and efficiency offered by NexPad."

If you would like to learn more about the NexPad, you can visit the company's website. If you decide you want add another screen to your laptop, or give your smartphone a bigger screen, you can purchase one on the website as well for $249.