Killjoy News Anchor Gets Roasted For Telling Teen Tetris King To ‘Go Outside’

hero tetris blue scuti
After 13-year-old Willis Gibson became the first-ever human player (read: not AI) to ‘beat’ the iconic video game Tetris, a news anchor unwittingly makes a fool of herself on live television. The young man had dedicated the game to his late father, who had passed just weeks prior.

The news anchor in question is Jayne Secker of Sky News. While reporting on Gibson, who goes by the screen name blue scuti, she ended the segment by saying, “As a mother, I would just say step away from the screen, go outside, get some fresh air. Beating Tetris is not a life goal.” While not known whether Secker actually came up with the comment on her own, or if it was written for her, social media has not taken kindly to the remark.

One Twitter/X account reposted the video of Secker, quote tweeting, “The 50-year old news anchor who probably spends 11 hours a day scrolling Facebook Reels and Pinterest seems really bitter a 13-year old did something nobody could do in like half a century of the game existing. Her age group are the top consumers of games like Candy Crush lmao”.

Tetris has been around for 34 years, and until now, had remained unbeaten. Tetris CEO Maya Rogers even felt compelled to release a statement on the incredible achievement, remarking, “Congratulations to ‘blue scuti’ for achieving this extraordinary accomplishment, a feat that defies all preconceived limits of this legendary game.”

However, what made the comment even more ill-advised was the fact that Gibson was more than likely playing Tetris as a coping mechanism for dealing with his father’s recent passing. There was a study conducted in 2010 that found playing the game after traumatic events could reduce flashbacks in healthy volunteers. The researchers added it could be beneficial in reducing painful memories associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Regardless of what anyone may think or say about Gibson’s achievement, he was able to do what only AI was capable of previously. Blue Scuti played the game from level 1 all the way to level 157, at which point the game ran out of memory and froze. That also entailed playing 128 levels of the fastest block speed the game could throw at him. Well done, young man! Well done indeed.