New York City To Test HEVO Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging Man Hole Covers

Despite having risen to popularity only a few years ago, it's become increasingly clear that electric vehicles are the future. Versus gas-powered vehicles, electric ones are safer on the environment (this is oft-debated, however), are generally cleaner, and are also less-expensive to refuel. Who wouldn't love to rid the need to hit-up a gas station?

That latter point does lead us to one downside of electric vehicles: The need to find charging stations. The risk of running out of power while on-the-road and being nowhere near a charge station is real, and it requires close attention to your power use and also advanced planning. The risk is greatly minimized with gas-powered vehicles given gas stations litter the landmass.

In time, we might see that happen with charging stations, as well, and HEVO Power is one company that's helping to make it happen. In time, the company would like to line the streets with HEVO stations: You simply park on the side of the road, go out and grab a meal or just take a walk, come back, and drive off. The idea almost seems too good to be true, but I can imagine that in about ten years, this kind of vehicle charging will be quite common. In fact, we'll begin seeing some creep up early next year in New York City.

The brief video below, released last year, highlights the perks of HEVO:

The video showcases a mobile app that could be used with HEVO, which would allow you to monitor your vehicle's power, the current charge (as in $) to your account, as well as simply finding out where an available charging point is, along with guidance to help you park in the perfect position.

Having charging stations like HEVO line the streets is truly an exciting prospect, and it can't get here soon enough. Well - that'd assume that electric vehicles were the norm. That in itself will take some time to flesh out.