New Xbox 360 Update Grants All Gamers 2GB Of Free Cloud Storage

Microsoft has just released a major update for the Xbox 360 that owners are going to want to download ASAP. Most of what's new isn't a surprise, as the company has been talking about the new features for the past couple of months, but there are some extras we weren't expecting.

Perhaps the most significant addition with this update is the ability to take advantage of 2GB of cloud storage. This should prove incredibly useful for those who want to backup their saved games to an external source (as in, outside the home), or better still, carry those saved games on over to the Xbox One for titles that are backwards compatible.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Cloud Storage

Another neat addition is one that lets you access Xbox Live from an Internet connection that requires you to log on. Anyone who's tried to connect to Wi-Fi from an airport or hotel are sure to be familiar with this requirement, but the Xbox 360 was never able to handle it. Now it can. Given the rough state of many public Wi-Fi spots, the Xbox 360 will test the connection after sign-in, to let you know if you can even play online with it.

Other additions include an activity feed, a section that lets you see what your Xbox One friends are up to, the ability to redeem codes straight from a message, and the adding of Microsoft Movies & TV and Microsoft Groove Music.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Activity Feed

Overall, a great update. It's nice to see that Microsoft hasn't forgotten all about its last console even two years after its latest has been available on the market.