New Windows 10 Preview Release Enhances Windows Update Delivery, Provides A Bunch Of Fixes

Microsoft has just rolled out a brand new Windows 10 Insider Preview update, representing build number 17107. This is exclusively available for users on the Fast Ring; those who opted to "Skip Ahead" will indeed skip ahead when one of the next builds arrives.

For the most part, this is an iterative bug-fix and refinement release, so you won't be finding any new toys to play with after upgrading. But if you are running the Fast Ring, you'll want to waste no time upgrading to make sure you have as bug-free an experience as possible.

Windows Update

The biggest change in 17107 is a tweaking of how Windows Update works. To make sure that people are as up-to-date as possible, and as quickly as possible, Microsoft will now prevent a device from going to sleep if updates are pending, for "up to" 2 hours. An important thing to note is that this only applies if the PC is plugged in; Microsoft has no intention to kill your battery behind your back if you have a laptop.

Beyond the welcomed Windows Update polish, a slew of bugs have been fixed. Many of these include bugs affecting the Settings panel, like drop-down menus that had no visible text, and crashes that occurred when you checked out the Themes section. Also fixed is an Explorer.exe crash that would occur when you plugged in the historic piece of equipment known as an "external optical drive" (OK, we tease).

You can hit up the link below to read the rest of the bug-fix report, but don't expect too much beyond what's mentioned here. The next build will likely have some juicier additions.