New Three-Tuner Moxi HD DVR Treads On TiVo's Ground

Ah, the DVR. Easily one of the most game-changing devices to be created over the past decade or so. If you own one, you'd probably have a tough time going back to life without one, as there are few things cooler than being able to record shows when you're not around and watch them when you are. It's TV your way, and even though it seems that everyone wants one, relatively few players are in the market.

There's TiVo, the obvious oddball, and then those plain 'ole DVRs offered by your cable company. Granted, those cable company DVRs have somewhat of a monopoly considering just how difficult it is to setup a third-party DVR, but there's still room for competition. And that's where the Moxi comes in.

Digeo is a little known company that has actually been in the DVR game for awhile now, but only recently has it decided to emerge from the shadows and really get some attention on itself. The newest Moxi is a three-tuner HD DVR, which allows for recording of three channels simultaneously while watching a fourth recorded program. Unfortunately, such a device will cost you $799 with a Moxi Mate bundle.

  • The price of the two-tuner Moxi HD DVR introduced earlier this year has been reduced to $499 MSRP (formerly $799).
  • In addition, ARRIS is introducing a three-room multi-room bundle option--a three-tuner Moxi HD DVR plus two Moxi Mates that collectively serve three rooms for $999.

The company also announced plans to deliver live TV on the Moxi Mate via the Moxi HD DVR. The Moxi HD DVR will receive the update automatically through a software download. Additionally, the price of the Moxi Mate has been reduced to $299 (formerly $399).

"We've heard from consumers that they love the Moxi products but are looking for different price and component options to serve their individual needs," said Marc Beckwitt, VP of CPE Video Business Development, ARRIS. "The recent acquisition by ARRIS brings the market presence and leverage required to drive cost out of the product, and consequently, we're able to offer these very competitive prices to consumers."

ARRIS continues to stand by the commitment to deliver the Moxi "all in", with no monthly or lifetime DVR service fees. Moxi also has no in-menu advertisements.

The Moxi HD DVR is designed to appeal to the most demanding digital cable entertainment enthusiasts. Some of its key attributes include:

  • A native HD interface and Emmy® award-winning Moxi Menu
  • Up to 75 hours of HD recording space or up to 300 hours at standard definition, and expandable to 6.5 Terabytes for up to 1000 hours of HD recording with an external eSATA drive
  • Access to many Internet services consumers already use, such as Rhapsody®, Flickr® and online video from Netflix®, Hulu(TM), and YouTube(TM) via DLNA server software such as PlayOn(TM) (currently provided at no charge) running on their PC
  • Multi-room viewing with the Moxi Mate and the ability to record three channels simultaneously while watching a fourth recorded program on the three-tuner version of the Moxi HD DVR
  • Remote and mobile browser scheduling to set recordings while away from home
  • MoxiNet for full-screen web browsing and Superticker(TM) --a ticker widget that provides information, such as weather, sports scores and news along the bottom of the screen

The Moxi HD DVR makes it effortless for consumers to discover, experience and share high definition media from their digital cable provider, PCs on the home network, and the Internet.

Also scheduled for release later this month are additional software upgrades to Moxi, which include new search and record option menus. These software updates will enable users to specify preferred record settings that can be applied to any new recorded TV shows or TV series. The new menu structure delivers easier access and better visibility related to the DVR function of the Moxi HD DVR, such as available hard drive space and other Moxi HD DVR related recording and scheduling functions.

Software upgrades, which have been delivered each quarter since unveiling the Moxi at CES in January 2009, continue to be delivered to the consumer automatically and at no charge.

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