New Three Layer DVD On The Horizon?

The folks at Warner Bros seem to have their thinking caps on, while the major-league industry powers behind Sony and Toshiba battle on DVD standard formats like bad Betamax and 8-Track re-treads...

"In fact, just last week the studio's Warner Home Video unit released "The Lake House," a time-travel romance starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, on all three current DVD formats simultaneously. The company is supporting consumers by providing product in any format they prefer to use at home, according to Warner Home Video President Ron Sanders.

Both new formats -- HD DVD and Blu-ray -- offer resolutions exponentially higher than the standard definition DVDs, along with more vibrant contrast and color, crisper sound and higher levels of interactivity.

Warner's moves to patent technology to develop a hybrid disc that plays the dueling formats is the latest twist in the skirmish. The studio's Aug. 10 patent application suggests that it believes there may not be a clear winner for some time."

Sounds like a plan to me.  We'll take Sandra Bullock in any format anyway... so it's all good. 

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