New Sony Earbuds Sense When You Take Them Out

It happens to everyone: You're listening to your favorite band on your MP3 player and a friend comes over and starts talking to you before you even have a chance to get the earbud out, nevermind turn off the music.

Sony Ericsson believes it's solved that pesky issue, with what it says is "the world's first ever motion activated headphones."

Basically, if you pull the bud out of your ear, the music or the call you're on stops. Right in its tracks. You can see by the publicity shot Sony Ericsson released to accompany the headphones that it makes people really happy.

The earbuds come in either yellow/white or "Titan Chrome" (which appears to be black and silver) and work on most Sony Ericsson phones with a fast port connector. They're 164 cm long and weigh a mere 25.32 grams.

The funky video Sony hired animator Kristofer Ström to create shows a world in which the earbuds allow the user to transport himself from a Kansas-like black and white boring world into an Oz-like colorful world with odd-looking bunnies.
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