New Sony Contract for NVIDIA

NVIDIA has just released a press release today that claims the company has just received another large design contract from Sony. Supposedly a larger deal than the GPU contract for Sony's upcoming Playstation 3 console, both vendors are being curiously vague on what the actual project in question truly is. Given some of the comments made by Sony regarding Cell we expect the new CPU architecture to show up in a variety of consumer electronics. Now which of those will require GPU assistance which would warrant bringing NVIDIA back to the design table is a question we're eager to have answered.

"We had anticipated that (contract revenue) would drop off, but that's not going to happen," Burkett told financial analysts. "We have new contracts with Sony to do some further designs."

Update: There is a thread over at Beyond3D's forums that discusses an NVIDIA Analyst Day Webcast which apparently indicates that NVIDIA is working on Sony's unannounced PSP2 portable.

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