New Samsung MV900F Camera boasts Flip-Out Display & Wi-Fi

Digital cameras still have a lot to recommend themselves over most smartphone cameras, but smartphones generally have a leg up when it comes to sharing pics, due to their connectivity options. Connectivity isn't an issue for Samsung's MV digital camera line anymore: the new MV900F has built-in Wi-Fi and tools for sharing to popular photo and social-networking sites (Facebook, Picasa, Photobucket and YouTube). It also supports sharing the pics with Samsung SMART TVs and other devices, which is handy if you're brand-loyal.

Samsung MV900 Camera

Beyond Wi-Fi, the MV900's claim to fame is its flip-out, touch-screen display, which makes the camera useful for taking self portraits that don't involve mirrors or unflatteriing views of your nostrils. Another protrait- and group shot-taking perk: you can use gestures to control the camera remotely. That's right, no more setting the timer and running back to the group. It's the equivalent of a remote like you would for a DSLR.

Samsung MV900F With Wi-Fi

On the specs side of things, the MV900 has a 16.3MP BSI CMOS sensor and F2.5 lens. It has 5x optical zoom and supports 1920 x 1080 HD video recording at 30fps. The 3.3-inch display flips out 180 degrees and swivels to whatever angle you need. All this comes at a price, of course: the MV900F will set you back $349.99.

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