New Roku Ultra And Express Streaming Players Launch Alongside Roku OS 9.2

Are you in the market for a new streaming player? Roku just released new versions of the Roku Express and the Roku Ultra. The two streaming players are meant to provide a “device for every type of streamer”.

Roku last refreshed its line of players this past autumn and the updated devices come with a number of new features. The new and improved Roku Express is reportedly 10% smaller than the original Express. The device is meant to blend in with the user’s environment and it can be powered by one’s television if an outlet is unavailable. The Roku Express features HD streaming. It also includes a power adapter, high-speed HDMI cable, and a simple remote.
roku ultra
Roku Ultra

The Roku Ultra features HD, 4K & HDR picture quality and Dolby and DTS Digital Surround pass-through over HDMI. It includes a quad-core processor, both Ethernet 10/100 and 802.11ac MIMO dual-band wireless, a USB port, and a MicroSD slot. The latest device also been updated to make streaming even faster and more convenient. The device now includes a channel launch feature and a programmable voice remote with personal shortcut options. 

Both the Roku Express and Ultra are available for pre-order on Roku’s website for American customers. The Roku Express will cost $29.99, while the Ultra will ring in at $99.99. Roku also plans to offer a Express+ and Ultra LT device. The Express+ includes a voice command remote, while the Ultra LT is missing some of the newer Ultra features. The Express+ will costs $39.99 and the Ultra LT will cost $79.99. Both the Express+ and Ultra LT will be Walmart Exclusives. The Express and Express+ will be available by the end of September and the other devices will over available in October. All of these devices will soon be available in Canada, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, and several Latin American countries.
roku express
Roku Express

Roku also recently announced its new OS 9.2. It will include “Roku Zones” which offers related movies and TV shows across a wide variety of channels. Some of their Zones may include categories like “Drama Movies & TV Zone” or the “Superhero Movies Zone”. The updated OS will also offer a “4K Spotlight Channel” which will make it easier for users to find good 4K content. It also includes better voice control options and allows users to search for content based off of movie quotes. The OS will be rolled out to all Roku devices in the upcoming weeks.