New Nvidia Drivers Pack Performance Boosts, Automatic Updates

Nvidia released its new 270 driver series today, with a full set of new tools and performance improvements. Users can now configure the Nvidia control panel to automatically check for and apply driver updates or can simply choose to be notified when new updates are available. Update frequency and beta update notification can also be set separately.

There's the usual bevy of small improvements across various games, though some titles—Just Cause 2 and Civilization V--gain markedly more than others. There's also a tremendous performance gain for anyone playing Dragon Age 2; Nvidia claims that even the modest GeForce GTX 560 Ti is 3.6x faster with the 270 series than it was previously.

If you like 3D gaming, you'll like these drivers.

Those few of you with 3D Vision solutions are also in for a treat; Nvidia claims that multiple titles—Call of Duty: Black Ops, and MW2, for example—are more than twice as fast when running in this mode. These new drivers are part of a multi-product full court press that NV is apparently putting on 3D gaming as a feature. There are a variety of new 3D-enabled monitors and technologies on the way, as well as new displays that feature NV's own tech 'baked in.'

Color us curious--how many of you have played with or are considering a 3D setup? Is there a specific ability or feature you're waiting for, or is it a matter of cost and desktop space?