New Matter’s MOD-t 3D Printer Targets Mainstream At $249

A company called New Matter has developed an inexpensive 3D printer called the MOD-t that aims to bring 3D printing into the average home. It will cost just $249--although if you snag an Indiegogo bundle you could pay as little as $149 or $199--and it’s designed so that you have to do essentially zero calibration on your own.

However, New Matter has bigger aims than simply a cheap 3D printer; the company is trying to build an end-to-end vertical integration ecosystem around its MOD-t. The paradigm it’s using looks very much like what Apple did with the iPhone and App Store years ago.

New Matter MOD-t

There will be a curated library of apps, and designers and artists can add their work and make money by selling the designs on the site. The MOD-t itself is attractive and simple-looking, and it doesn’t require the user to know anything about how to use it other than hitting “print”.

New Matter is also looking to foster an online community around the printer and its designs, too, and users can modify and personalize the site’s designs with upcoming software from the company.

New Matter MOD-t

The MOD-t uses an intriguing two-axis motion system for moving the print plate using few components, and the printer uses a fused filament fabrication process. It uses non-proprietary PLA filament (1.75mm) and has a print area of 6 x 4 x 5 inches. It supports STL files as well as proprietary New Matter Sore files and is compatible with Windows 7, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS. 

If you in the ground floor, you can contribute to the company’s Indiegogo effort.