New MacBook Pros to Use Silver/Zinc Batteries?

Rumors are that new unibody MacBook Pros are coming in January.  Yes, unibody, aluminum, and with one most likely controversial "feature."  Much like the MacBook Air, it will have a non-user-replaceable battery.

How is that going to work?  A 17" laptop, particularly a MacBook Pro, a higher-powered laptop than the MBA, will suck a lot more power than the MBA.  Besides the fact that the battery will eventually degrade over time, end users like to carry spares around with them.   Enter the theory: Silver / Zinc batteries.

ZPower has been working on silver/zinc batteries for some time.  They promise 20 - 40% longer battery life per change than lithium-ion batteries.  All this, without the explosiveness of Li-ion batteries.

Image courtesy:  ZPower

And here's the kicker: their FAQ says:

When will ZPower batteries be available?
    "ZPower batteries will be available in a leading notebook computer in early 2009."

Is Apple the leading notebook computer they're aiming for?  It makes sense, but it's all a theory.  Macworld is coming in a couple of days, though.