New Jersey Outlaws Simultaneous Texting and Walking

Texting and driving doesn't mix very well and you shouldn't tryi to do the two simultaneously, even if your state hasn't made it illegal yet. But texting and walking? Turns out that combination can be dangerous too, and if you get caught sending or reading a text message while taking a stroll in New Jersey, you could be hit with a fine.

According to ABCNews, New Jersey police are to begin writing $85 jaywalking tickets to anyone caught walking and texting at the same time. The reason is because "It's a big distraction," and like Mr. Magoo, "Pedestrians aren't watching where they are going and they are not aware," Fort Lee chief of police, Thomas Ripoli, tells ABCNews.

Image Source: Flickr (Ed Yourdon)

This isn't an arbitrary law in Ripoli's mind, who points out that there have been three pedestrians killed by automobiles so far this year. He hopes that by making it illegal to text and walk at the same time, pedestrians will ultimately be more aware of their surroundings.

New Jersey police have issued 117 citations for texting and walking.