Major 2019 Apple iPhone Pro Leak Tips Rainbow Finish And Storage Bump

Lots of details have leaked over the last several months that claim to give us some insight into what the next-gen iPhone models will look like. The new iPhone 11 models will be unveiled next month, and rumors so far have highlighted hardware including the camera and the SoC inside the device. A new leak has surfaced this week that reveals a few more details on the coming iPhone models.

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The leak claims that storage options will be 128GB for the base device with 256GB and 512GB versions offered as well. Some had expected Apple to unveil an iPhone with 1TB of storage, but that isn't expected to happen until the 2020 iPhones land. The iPhone model fitted with an LCD is tipped to continue with several improvements to the screen but at the same resolution.

The rumor also claims that Apple has prototyped versions of the so-called iPhone 11R that lacks a mute switch on the side, it's unclear if that made it to production. All iPhone versions are expected to keep the notched screen, and the smartphones are expected to feature some internal changes to Face ID that make facial scanning as fast as the second-generation Touch ID. Rumors about the camera have already surfaced, but the new report claims that the super-wide-angle lens will offer a 120-degree field of view and support 4K video recording at 30 fps. The new camera also promises to offer better performance than similar offerings.

The rear of the iPhone is said to get a new glass panel with a matte finish. The matte finish will allegedly be paired with a special "rainbow" effect on some models that highlights the Apple logo. The Apple logo is said to be different from its standard logo and looks something like the shimmering effect available on the Galaxy Note 10 series, but "a lot more subtle."