New iPad Ship Estimates Drop as Apple Catches Up with Demand

Apple is now estimating five to seven business days for online orders of the new iPad to process and ship in the U.S., whereas previously the wait time was pegged at two to three weeks and, more recently, one to two weeks. The significant reduction in wait time suggests Apple is finally starting to keep pace with demand a month after launching the third generation iPad device (you can read our full review of the new iPad here).

There were reports around the Web that Apple was having trouble keeping up with demand because of a shortage of Retina displays, which happens to be the primary selling point of the new iPad. Apple is said to have tapped into both LG and Sharp to help pick up the slack left by Samsung, and the strategy seems to be working.

Apple's new iPad device made its initial debut in 10 countries before traveling to 24 additional locations a week later. The iPad has started shipping to 12 additional territories today, and will expand to 9 more next Friday.
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