G-Point Mouse Combines Web Browsing and Slightly Twisted Sex Ed

There's no doubt about it—we live in a world of strange mice. In just the last 12 months we've seen a bizarre array of pointing devices including several 15-button+ mice (both for work and play), hemispherical mice, and Apple's Magic Mouse. Even among such storied company, however, the conceptual G-Point mouse stands out, turns heads, and even conjures up the proverbial "hey now!" Whatever else these other, lesser mice might offer, only the G-Point (designed by Andy Kurovets) delivers both a superior experience and a penetrating lesson on female anatomy. Thanks to Mr. Kurovets, the clueless of the world have an unprecedented opportunity to experience in plastic something they'll never touch in person, at least perhaps not without a valid Visa account.

No, your eyes have not deceived you. This is a mouse designed to look exactly like the naughty bits of the fairer sex. Once more, a top-down view reveals the reason behind the "G-Point" moniker.

Pressing "the spot" automatically navigates the user to a preselected favorite destination or runs a certain application. Note that this is, at the moment, a conceptual product and there aren't any shipping—yet.  We'd also point out that while the point "spot" is in the general vicinity of where it anatomically should be, it's also not completely aligned with the lesser understood "come hither" gesture required for the real thing.

We at Hot Hardware would also like to note—without commenting on the intelligence of actually buying one of these—that the conceptual implementation leaves considerable room for future fine-tuning. In keeping with that observation, we suggest that the G-Point 2.0 should reconfigure the location and sensitivity of its "secret" button each time a different user manipulates the mouse. As for the button's preferential navigation feature; we suggest that while gliding one's finger along the sacred highway should, in most cases, produce the desired effect, the mouse should occasionally use the opportunity to steal the TV remote, immediately put the computer to sleep, or play an alarm klaxon at maximum volume, preferably with strobe lights.