New Google Maps Brings Back Multi-Destination Trips, Adds New Features

Google never stops working on Google Maps, and a months-long overhaul has brought about many changes. One feature that went away temporarily--the ability to add multiple destinations in directions, by adding stops to your route or dropping and arranging pins on POIs--is coming back.

Google brought along some new features, as well, including the ability to search for your flight, hotel, and even restaurant reservations from within Maps. When you map out your travel itinerary, Google will automatically show what plans you’ve made so you can more intelligently organize your routes. Of course, you can pick right up with your iOS or Android app when you actually hit the road, too.

Google Maps multiple destinations

Another handy little feature is that when you search for a destination, Google will offer a card with more information. For example, if you search for a certain music venue, you can click on a card that shows upcoming events at that location. It only makes sense; Google has a mountain of data, so why not let you have instantaneous access to some pertinent stuff when it might be beneficial to you.

Google Maps venue cards

Google Maps continues to enjoy enhanced functionality and new features; these announcements today are just more of what we’ve come to expect from Google and its mapping tool.