New Display Smaller Than A Dime

We're not exactly sure who would want to use a 640 x 480 display smaller than a dime, but that's exactly what the U.S. based Kopin has developed.

One thing we do know for sure is that so many pixels in such a tiny space is an impressive achievement.  Imagine how many pixels a 30" display would have if it featured a similar pixel density.

"This display is targeted for PC and HD-related video eyewear applications. Kopin is demonstrating the new display in a private showing at CES 2008 in Las Vegas this week. CyberDisplay SVGA LVS samples are now available to select customers for evaluation and design-in.

This new display shrinks the full-color pixel size to 11.25-microns square, with Kopin president and CEO Dr. John CC Fan noting that compared with the company's commercially available SVGA display with 0.59-inch diagonal and consuming ~100 mW, the new shrink SVGA display has a 45% smaller area and consumes 30% less power."

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