New Dell 2007WFP and 2007FP

DailyTech brings word that Dell is about to release two new LCD monitors in the way of the new Dell 2007FP and 2007WFP widescreen 20" models. Each model features a 20.1" screen size with 800:1 contrast ratios and 16ms response times. In terms of features, each LCD panel is nearly identical to their previous model however they feature Dell's latest industrial design. If you're in the market for a new display, these new panels from Dell certainly warrant your attention.

Dell still has not announced a successor to the widely popular 24" 2405FPW from last year. Forum speculation suggests that the company may instead release a 23" version as the panel provider for most of Dell's displays, LG Philips LCD, does not produce a 24" model. The 24" panel used in the 2405FPW display is from Samsung.
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