New Boss Battles, Director's Commentary Coming to Deus Ex: HR's Director's Cut For Just $4.99

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a near-perfect example of how to build a great sequel to a classic franchise, but there was one major issue that a number of gamers disliked. While the game allowed players to skip combat in virtually every instance, the game's boss battles couldn't be skipped or bypassed in any fashion. This fit poorly with the rest of the game, which encouraged players to sneak, sabotage, and avoid hand-to-hand combat and awarded stealth far more than brute strength.

We've known for quite some time that the Wii U version of DX:HR would include new boss fights that allowed for additional strategies, but not whether those options would come to the PC. The answer is now in -- they will. Even better, they aren't going to cost much.

If you haven't bought Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the base price for the Director's Edition will be $19.99. That includes the base game, all of the released DLC (including The Missing Link mission), eight hours of in-game commentary, and the improved boss fights. If you already own the base game, but not the DLC, the cost is $9.99. If you own the game and DLC packs, you'll pay just $4.99 for access to the audio tracks and boss battles. There's also a "New Game +" mode that lets you restart the game with your implants and boosts from previous runs, which may appeal to those who want to try ridiculously over-the-top solutions to problems.

That said, there's some appeal to "ridiculously over-the-top" in Deus Ex. In early missions, you're often left scrambling for cover, even if you want to play Adam Jensen as a total hulking badass. Without enough upgrades and augments, you aren't tough enough to slug it out toe-to-toe with multiple enemies at the same time.

It's not clear if all the enhancements for the Wii U version are coming to the PC. The preview for the Wii U discussed a new augment (Smart Vision) that made use of the Gamepad, while the hacking minigame is now a touch-based application. It's unlikely that either of these features are slated for inclusion, since they rely on Nintendo's own hardware. The Infolog, which allows uploads of images and screenshots, also isn't mentioned as coming to the PC. The Wii U version is also supposedly tweaked for higher graphics quality, though this may not impact the PC, either, since our version of games tends to be superior in any case.

As an added bonus? These benefits are for the Steam version only. Square Enix notes that its prices are "Pretty straightforward, and that means that if you did invest in Human Revolution in the past, we’re not trying to stitch you up with the Director’s Cut, m’kay?."

m'kay, guys. And sounds pretty good to us.