New Batteries Recharged when Shaken, not Stirred

The next time you walk down the street and see some suit spazzing out, don't assume he's crazy (unless he's foaming at the mouth), maybe he's just recharging his digital camera, or any other electronic device that uses AA or AAA batteries. That's because the eggheads at Brother Industries Ltd. have put together vibration-powered generators capable of giving the company's prototype batteries a shot of juice when shaken.

"The new generator will semi-permanently eliminate the need to replace batteries and contribute to reducing the amount of wastes," Brother Industries explains.

Brother Industries' AA-size prototype with the generator and rechargeable battery installed in different cases.
In their current form, these aren't going to replace AA or AAA batteries in high-powered gadgets, but for things like remote controls and other low-power devices that don't constantly consume power, these AA/AAA lookalikes offer a serviceable replacement. According to Brother Industries, these new batteries can be used in devices with a maximum power consumption of around 100mW.

Unlike other promising battery technologies, this could actually see the light of day, and soon. Already in prototype form, Brother Industries has been showing off the vibration-powered Generating Battery at the Techno-Frontier 2010 exhibition in Tokyo.