New Apple Stores

In Apple's fiscal '08 year, which started September 30th, the Cupertino based firm plans on opening numerous new stores around the world.  Here are but a few of the stores that are on the drawing board but have yet to open in the US:
  • Fair Oaks - Fairfax, Virginia
  • Cherry Hill - Cherry Hill, New Jersey
  • Bridge Street - Huntsville, Alabama
  • Boylston - Boston, Massachusetts
  • Mall of Louisiana - Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Other locations are also likely if not imminent, including a new store in Honolulu, Greensboro and Cleveland.  It looks like Apple is on a serious roll and picking up steam as they go.

We won't get into the sheer number of overseas stores Apple ha been opening up, but we think that they may be well on their way to infesting European shopping centers in much the same fashion as Starbucks plagues U.S. malls before the close of '08.