New Anonymous Hack Exposes 90,000 Email Addresses of U.S. Military Members

Anonymous' latest AntiSec hack centers on Booz Allen Hamilton (AKA Booz Allen). Booz Allen's core business is "contractual work completed on behalf of the US federal government, foremost on defense and homeland security matters." Guess what Anonymous leaked? The login information of 90,000 members of the military.

Typically, the hacker group posted the information on pastebin.

Anonymous' interest in Booz Allen, the hacker groups said, was over "questionable involvement in the U.S. government's SWIFT surveillance program." Additionally, the group said, Booz Allen was complicit, along with HBGary Federal, in a project intended "to destroy the concept of online anonymity."

Anonymous added that they have been investigating Booz Allen for some time, and "has uncovered all sorts of other shady practices by the company, including potentially illegal surveillance systems, corruption between company and government officials, warrantless wiretapping, and several other questionable surveillance projects."

AntiSec is a campaign first started by former hacker group LulzSec, in partnership with Anonymous. Since LulzSec disbanded, Anonymous has taken up the slack.

There's been some backlash over this hack, with some objecting to the exposure of the email accounts of U.S service personnel, when the actual target was Booz Allen. AnonymouSabu, who is believe to be a key member of the group, Tweeted: "I think people are confused. What we did today was more patriotic than wearing a cute little American flag pin. And we're not even American."
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