"Never-Locked" iPhones Offered by Buy.com

An inventory clearing tactic? Undoubtedly. If you need any more reason to expect a new iPhone this year, here it is. Buy.com is offering "never-locked," meaning not jailbroken and unlocked, but totally legal and updateable, 16GB iPhone 3Gs for the primo price of $799.

The site says there are very few left, however. Here's what else Buy.com says about the "never-locked" version:
The Never Locked iPhone!!

Apple iPhones have typically been locked to only use on the AT&T network, so they are not capable of being used on other GSM carriers such as T-Mobile or for overseas travel.

Hackers were able to break the software to use the iPhone on carriers other than AT&T, but any connection to iTunes or any software updates provided by Apple lock the iPhone and render it useless.

Now the iPhone is available without any locks or restrictions to any GSM carrier.

Also, the Apple guarantee is valid for all never-locked iPhones.

You are now able to:

  • Connect the iPhone to iTunes
  • Update the iPhone software when the updates are available from Apple
  • Purchase apps from the iTunes library or the Apps store on the iPhone
  • Use AT&T or T-Mobile in the USA Or one of the 30 different GSM carriers all over the US.
  • Use with any GSM carriers globally
  • It's unclear if any other retailers will carry these or if Buy.com will get additional stock once they run out. So, if you have a ton of money to waste, er, spend, this might be your only chance.