Networks Move to Block Google TV Access from Site Content

With no deals in place, this really should not be a surprise. Networks are blocking those using Google TV to access their websites from viewing content, such as full-length episodes, which can normally be viewed on a browser.

For example, you can go to CBS' website and watch full-length episodes of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation." Not, however, if you use Google TV to browse to the site.

Spokespeople for the three networks confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that they are blocking Google TV from playing the episodes on their websites, although both ABC and NBC are allowing promotional clips to play.

According to the WSJ, they were told by sources that at least Disney (ABC's parent company) and NBC have been concerned about Google's stance on search results that include websites that offer pirated content.
Disney executives, for example, asked that Google filter out results from pirate sites when users search for Disney content, like "Desperate Housewives." But they were unsatisfied with Google's response, according to people familiar with the conversations.
Fox and MTV reportedly aren't blocking Google TV. However, Fox is reportedly still undecided.

It's going to be a struggle for Google to get deals in place to rectify these issues. Still, some siblings of the major networks, meaning subsidiary channels like CW (CBS, Time Warner) are working. What isn't working is Hulu. Its owners include Disney, NBC Universal and News Corp., but the companies reportedly are in talks to bring the Hulu Plus subscription service to Google TV.