Netgear's WNDR3700 Router To Monitor Bandwidth

If you haven't heard of "Internet throttling" by now, you will soon in all likelihood. Major cable-based ISPs are considering (if not implementing) hard bandwidth caps on their users each month, which is really putting devout Netflix streamers and Hulu watchers in a bind. After all, if you get all of your TV/entertainment from the web, it doesn't take long to suck down an incredible amount of bits and bytes.

While Netgear certainly can't make those guys have a change of heart, it can help users stuck behind those walls keep tabs on how much they've used. Many people have argued that the companies enforcing the caps should provide consumers with a way to monitor throughput, but until that happens, it looks like the burden of responsibility is on you. In August (meaning next month), Netgear is planning to ship its WNDR3700 wireless router in America, which will be the first from the company to actually show users how much data they've used during a certain window of time.

Due to this awful trend of bandwidth capping catching on, Netgear has asserted that future models will also boast this feature, and it may even upgrade current devices via a firmware update. The router is set to cost $190, and it will keep tabs on just how much data is used from every device that accesses it: phones, game consoles, PCs, etc. Of course, you should probably password protect it if you plan on staying below your monthly threshold, but that's just a bit of friendly advice. Take it or leave it, as they say!