Netgear Ships ReadyNAS Ultra NAS Drive

It's a good business to be in, this storage sector. Regardless of how much people have, they seem to always end up wanting more. As media grows in size and things become larger and more space-consuming to archive, people are turning to NAS drives and big RAID stacks to handle all of the content that they'd like to keep safe.

Netgear has been a major player in this market for a long while, and the company is now introducing their ReadyNAS Ultra line for home users that are more like prosumers than anything else. Being that this is a NAS drive at heart, it boasts some of the same features that you would normally expect to find on a network storage drive. There's plenty of redundancy and space for up to 12TB of storage, but unlike vanilla drives, these can be used in a few special ways.

There's a partnership with TiVo that allows the drives to used as a TiVo DVR extender, and another partnership with Orb "allows unprotected files to be streamed out to all manner of mobile devices including iPads, BlackBerry phones, and Android-based devices." Netgear is apparently hoping to move beyond "dumb" local storage, and since they also support the Skifta media shifting service, it'll also be great for those who like to stream their programming to various playback devices.

The company plans to start selling these this month in a four-bay system with two 2TB discs ($899); the two-bay system will ship in October.