Netgear Intros 1U Rack-Mount ReadyNAS 2100

Netgear's ReadyNAS line has been steadily growing, expanding and adapting over the years, and that's definitely evident with the newest family member. The ReadyNAS 2100 is a rack-mount system rather than a standard rectangular box that attaches to one's desktop, and it's obviously aimed at prosumers and small businesses in dire need of serious storage. The device is built to slot within a 1U rack and provides four bays for adding HDDs.

Naturally, the 2100 enables users to share content across a LAN or WAN, guard against disk failures, and grow capacity as needed. You'll also find enterprise-grade hard drives and Error Correction Code (ECC) RAM for higher reliability, not to mention Intel Architecture for two times the performance of the previous ReadyNAS 1100. Ideal for small businesses and workgroups, the ReadyNAS 2100 provides all of the features and benefits of the recently launched ReadyNAS NVX 4-bay desktop model for sharing, storing and protecting SMB data, but in a rack-mountable 1U form factor. The whole unit is just 12" in depth and it offers support for file services (NAS) and application services (iSCSI) for Windows, UNIX/Linux and Mac systems. The ReadyNAS RAIDiator operating system supports the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP), enabling native Mac files to be used without restrictions or limitations, as well as Time Machine in Mac OS X Leopard.

The ReadyNAS 2100 -- with 2TB and 4TB of storage -- will be available in early June from value-added resellers at an estimated US street price starting at $1,899; a model with 8TB of storage will be available later in 2009.