Netgear Introduces NAS, Streaming and HomePlug Devices At CeBIT

Today sure feels like launch day, as quite a few big-name companies have decided to kick March off with a bang this morning. Of course, CeBIT is getting underway in Germany, so no one should really be surprised. One of those companies is Netgear, who has decided to introduce a couple of new devices that provide a wide variety of functionality. Starting off is the High-Performance Wireless-N HD Home Theater Kit (WNHDB3004), which is designed to wirelessly play back "multiple jitter-free 1080p HD video and audio streams to every room in the house flawlessly, and at double the performance and range of solutions in the market today." That's a pretty big claim, and the Universal WiFi Internet Adapter for Home Theater Devices and Gaming Consoles (WNCE2001) is also being revealed to bring Wireless-N performance of up to 300 Mbps through the Ethernet port of devices such as Internet TVs, game consoles and Blu-ray players.

High-Performance Wireless-N HD Home Theater Kit (WNHDB3004)
With performance doubling that of competing products, the NETGEAR carrier-grade High-Performance Wireless-N HD Home Theater Kit (WNHDB3004) delivers multiple, simultaneous, jitter-free 1080p HD video streams wirelessly throughout the home. It is the only solution that has been tested to provide sustained throughput of HD streams in excess of 40 Mbps 99.9 percent of the time, through multiple walls, throughout an above-average single family home.

The kit consists of a pair of two High-Performance Wireless-N HD Home Theater Adapters (WNHD3004). The set-up is truly plug and play — consumers simply plug the first adapter into the existing router or gateway, and the second adapter into any home theater device with an Ethernet port. The kit is pre-configured with security, so a single touch of a push-button securely connects additional adapters. IPTV customers and video enthusiasts can now wirelessly stream multiple 1080p HD streams with wired-equivalent reliability from the network, Internet or IPTV service provider to their home theater devices, including IPTV set-top boxes, Xbox® 360, PlayStation® 3, Wii™, Blu-ray players, Internet-enabled TVs, Apple® TV, NETGEAR Digital Entertainer products and more. The NETGEAR High-Performance Wireless-N HD Home Theater Kit supports point-to-multipoint HD video streaming and the multicast streaming protocol that IPTV service providers demand.

The Universal WiFi Internet Adapter (WNCE2001) for Home Theater Devices and Gaming Consoles
NETGEAR is also introducing the industry’s first compact USB-powered Universal WiFi Internet Adapter (WNCE2001) that works with Internet TVs, game consoles and Blu-ray players. The first of its kind, the adapter is the only affordable solution in a small form factor that delivers optimal Wireless-N performance and works universally with any Ethernet-enabled CE device. This saves consumers from the confusion and expense of purchasing separate WiFi USB adapters for each CE device in their home theater.

The Universal WiFi Internet Adapter is powered by the USB port, avoiding the need for a long wire to the power outlet and making it more visually pleasing in the already congested home theater environment. With NETGEAR Push ‘N’ Connect technology and CD-less set-up, it is truly a plug and play experience.

Also revealed today are the ReadyNAS 3100 and ReadyNAS 4200 network storage solutions, both of which are designed mainly for small business use. The ReadyNAS 3100 is a 1U 4-bay rack-mountable storage platform that provides up to 8TB of storage capacity in a single system, while the ReadyNAS 4200 is a 2U 12-bay rack-mountable storage platform that provides up to 24TB and two redundant drives in a single system.

The ReadyNAS 3100 and 4200 deliver high-end, enterprise-class features in addition to the field-proven, award-wining ReadyNAS architecture. Most notably, the ReadyNAS 3100, with 4 SATA channels, is the first sub-$5K 1U rack-mount storage system with redundant power supply for improved reliability and business continuity. Additionally, the ReadyNAS 4200, with 12 SATA channels, is the first ReadyNAS to support the 10 Gigabit Ethernet network infrastructure. This offers customers greatly improved throughput, response time, reliability and efficiency, making the solution ideal for server virtualization, database and other business-critical applications for SMBs.

ReadyNAS 3100 and 4200 features:

  • Unified architecture support for both NAS and iSCSI SAN applications — cross platform file sharing, secure replication, easy remote access, cloud backup, disaster recovery and server virtualization;
  • Powerful platforms for performance-demanding applications — powered by an Intel® Quad Core processor, the ReadyNAS 4200 with 10 Gigabit Ethernet network connectivity delivers over three times higher performance compared to the existing top-of-the-line ReadyNAS platform;
  • The most reliable ReadyNAS product design for business-critical applications — hot swappable enterprise SATA drives, redundant system cooling, redundant network ports, Error-Correcting Code (ECC) memory and redundant power supply.

Finally, Netgear is introducing an addition to their HomePlug AV-certified lineup: the Powerline AV 500 Adapter Kit (XAVB5001) and the Powerline AV+ 500 Adapter Kit (XAVB5501) with a filtered “pass-through” power socket. Unlike some of the slower options in the past, these offer speeds of up to 500Mbps, which is plenty to shuffle HD media through your existing in-wall power system.

Powerline AV 500 Adapter Kit (XAVB5001)
The NETGEAR Powerline AV 500 Adapter Kit (XAVB5001) is distinguished by its compact size, smaller than a deck of cards and up to 50 percent smaller than competing products. It is thus an excellent choice for consumers who are concerned that a powerline device might block an open power outlet.

Powerline AV+ 500 Adapter Kit (XAVB5501)
The HomePlug-certified NETGEAR Powerline AV+ 500 Adapter Kit (XAVB5501) shares the same performance and design benefits as the Powerline 500 AV Adapter Kit (XAVB5001), but differs from its sister product in offering a cutting-edge integrated filtered power socket for “pass-through” capability. This ensures that customers do not cannibalize an existing wall power socket with the adapter, which enables them to connect a wide range of power-hungry and electrically noisy devices while still maintaining the highest performance.

Revolutionary Speed, Unprecedented Performance, Industry-leading Design
Both new NETGEAR kits contain two adapters and are designed to provide customers with industry-leading features at an affordable price. Highlights include:

  • Among the highest throughput of any consumer networking product available, with 500 Mbps PHY rates and Gigabit link rates, enabling greater coverage for every home outlet and making every room HD-capable.
  • Backwards compatibility with other HomePlug AV products from NETGEAR, as well as the millions of installed HomePlug AV-certified products from other vendors.
  • Designed for compatibility with the draft IEEE P1901 global standard for high-speed powerline communications (
  • Compliance with the stringent European Code of Conduct (CoC) on Energy Efficiency and the European Union’s Energy-using Products (EuP) Directive for low power, green energy operation.
  • Ideal for use with Internet-connected devices that demand high bandwidth, such as the NETGEAR Digital Entertainer Express (EVA9100), Elite (EVA9150) and Live (EVA2000) digital media players, Blu-ray players, TiVo®, AppleTV®, Xbox 360™, PlayStation® 3, DVRs and network-enabled TVs.
  • Multi-colored “pick-a-plug” LEDs indicate current network performance, so the customer can determine the strength of the powerline connection without having to look at a computer.
  • Advanced energy management and standby capabilities provide wake-on-activity functionality to reduce overall energy usage.
  • Prioritized Quality of Service (QoS).
  • Simple “push-and-secure” functionality enables average users to easily install and secure the devices with 128-Bit AES encryption — no software configuration, no knowledge of networking, and no PC required, all with the push of a button.