Netgear Brings Beamforming+ To Select 802.11ac Routers

Ready to nerd out? Great. If words like "beamforming" really get your geek juices flowing, you'll love the latest news release from Netgear. The networking giant has just announced that its R6300 WiFi Router and A6200 WiFi USB Adapter now have Beamforming+. It's available via a free firmware update. The new router firmware improves WiFi performance and range when connecting to other WiFi devices. You'll see even more improvement in WiFi performance and reliability when you connect your R6300 Router to a PC or laptop configured with an A6200 Adapter or with an 802.11ac device with Beamforming support. A second R6300 acting as a client bridge would also provide a higher performance solution for critical video over WiFi applications.

If you're wondering what exactly the tech is, listen up. Netgear says that Beamforming+ is a "smart, signal-focusing technology that extends coverage, reduces interference and dead spots, and boosts the speed of your 802.11ac WiFi connections." Basically, Netgear took the Beamforming standard and tuned it up for its own designs, recognizing the location of a wireless device on your network and directing the WiFi signal directly at the device, constantly checking and tracking moving devices such as your mobile phones and tablets.

This targeted approach amplifies the WiFi signal by adjusting the phase of the transmitted signal, delivering stable WiFi connections for voice and video. The result is a highly tuned WiFi network that optimizes overall wireless performance and delivers the experiences you want, such as fast downloads, clearer voice calls, uninterrupted HD video, and lag-free gaming.

Download the Beamforming+ firmware to enhance the R6300 WiFi Router from the NETGEAR support site: You can upgrade your A6200 WiFi Adapter here: The Beamforming+ firmware update for all other Netgear 802.11ac routers is anticipated for early summer.