Netgear’s Wireless Arlo Pro Security Cam Recognizes Your Face, Lasts Six Months Per Charge

arlo door
Netgear has made a rather significant and impactful update its Arlo family of wireless security cameras. The new Arlo Pro improves upon its predecessor by including a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack that allows the camera to operate up to six months between charges.

The standard Arlo is also untethered from a power cord, but its replaceable batteries must be swapped out more frequently. Giving users up to half a year of uptime without having to constantly remove it for upkeep is a big plus in our books.

The Arlo Pro also now includes a speaker and a microphone, the latter of which can prompt the security camera to begin recording when it picks up a sound. And using Netgear’s smartphone app, the two-way audio allows you to speak to a person standing on your porch without even having to get your lazy butt out of bed to walk downstairs.

arlo base station

The camera is capable of capturing HD video, and has a 130-degree viewing angle. There’s an onboard passive infrared motion sensor that can detect motion at a distance of 23 feet and you can choose to receive alerts on your phone whenever motion is detected. The Arlo Pro also employs smart object recognition, so that you won’t get bombarded with motion alerts that are unimportant to you. The system uses machine learning to weed out false positives that could annoy you with constant notifications:

Smart recognition analytics identify people, cars, animals and swaying trees, allowing Arlo cameras to record and alert only those events that matter. Distinguishing between people, pets and other objects, and having the ability to ignore irrelevant movements and objects, eliminates unnecessary alerts, making Arlo even smarter and allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Arlo Pro comes with seven days of free cloud storage (for up to 5 cameras), which is likely enough for home users. If you want to keep footage longer, you can of course pay additional for that luxury.

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The Arlo Pro is priced at $249.99 and comes with an Arlo Pro Base Station. The Arlo Pro can be purchased separately for $189.99 each, and the new camera is also compatible with the original base station used on the standard Arlo.