Nest Rolls Out Sweet New Multi-Room Audio Controls For Your Streaming Music

nest multi room audio control

Nest has announced that it's rolling out new multi-room audio controls. The company says that users can already manually group devices in order to play the same music on various speakers at the same time. The new multi-room control allows users to dynamically group multiple cast-enabled Devices such as speakers, smart displays, and Chromecasts in real-time to fill multiple rooms with music or podcasts.

The multi-room control works with all of the user's favorite audio apps, including YouTube Music, Pandora, and Spotify. Users can add or remove devices throughout the home when more than one Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker or Smart Display is available by tapping the icon in the bottom left corner of the screen when audio content is playing.

Google says that the update is intended to help Nest devices be controlled as a whole-home audio system. There are multiple ways that the system can be leveraged by the user, including:

  • Move music from one room to another: Stream transfer lets you easily move music, videos, podcasts and more between compatible devices in your home using your voice, the Google Home app or the touchscreen on your Nest smart display.
  • Experience stereo sound: Stereo pair two Nest Mini or Google Home Max devices in the Google Home app for room-filling sound and even more immersive left and right channel separation.
  • Get new music recommendations: YouTube Music and Spotify Premium subscribers can ask, “Hey Google, recommend some music” and Google Assistant will offer multiple choices from artists and genres that they like, and others like them to choose from.

The Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max rollout for the new multi-room control interface is underway now. Google says the same functionality will come to the Google Home app later this fall. Google updated the Hub and Hub Max with ultrasound user presence detection last November.