Nintendo Switch Hackers Discover Hidden NES Golf Game With Joy-Con Support In All Systems

Nintendo has a long history of selling its consoles with at least one game so you can play right out of the box. Way back in the day the Nintendo Entertainment System came with the light gun for Duck Hunt and a janky robot game with spinning tops that a robot connected to the console would move around to open sliding doors in the game on the screen. Wii buyers got Wii Sports and could play virtual golf and other sports. When the Nintendo Switch came along, however, no games were included, or were they?

nes golf

A while back it was discovered that an NES Emulator was packed away inside every Nintendo Switch that was sold, but Nintendo didn't call out that feature. The assumption was that the NES emulator would be used when the virtual Console was ready to play.

nes golf 2

An interesting tidbit is that the emulator was dubbed "Flog" in the Switch sys information. You don't have to be a cryptologist to notice "Flog" is "Golf" backwards. Some enterprising geeks have been digging deeper into the programming inside the Switch and have discovered that the dastardly game that drove many '80s kids insane and led untold numbers of players to proclaim "the game cheats", NES Golf, is actually embedded inside every Nintendo Switch out there currently. 

nes golf 3

The game has support for two player Joy Con action so two players can compete in local multiplayer matches. At least one of those players will feel the game cheats if history proves anything. We can bet the hackers are trying to find a way to enable the game so it can be played as we speak. Odds are that the game is there for when the Virtual Console launches as a teaser to get geeks to use the console and purchase more retro titles.

nes golf 4

Nintendo is doing extremely well with the Switch right now, it was at the top of the console sales charts in August beating out the PS4 in sales. Supply of Switch consoles is still very tight and while Nintendo is trying to ramp production for the holidays, Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo US head, says that supply may still fall short this Christmas. Other than first party games, Switch gamers also have some awesome third-party titles coming including Doom, Wolfenstein II, and Skyrim from Bethesda.

Images via Switchbrew