Napster: Now With 100% More Web Interface

Napster, now offering legal music via streaming, has decided to move to a complete web-based format.  No more software to download, and anyone who can run a browser (probably with Java enabled) should be able to enjoy songs from Napter's library of over 5 million tracks.

The question remains whether or not people will be happy to stream vs. just buy songs.

“Napster sells a subscription service for $10 to $15 a month where users can stream or download an unlimited number of songs from its 5 million-strong library. But Napster's and other music subscription services have so far lagged behind larger rival iTunes, which uses a more traditional buy-to-own model. Itunes sells songs as permanent downloads at 99 cents each.”

For those with a portable media player, it seems like Napster is still not that appealing.  We're wondering if Napster might not announce plans for such a device in the future.
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