Nano-tech From Spinach?

In the immortal words of the world-famous Popeye The Sailor, I-yam-what-I-yam... No, wait, not yams, spinach, that's what made Pops all cut-up and beefy right?  It seems Pops wasn't too far off the mark either.  Spinach, the high-tech food product?

"The work has immediate implications for basic science research, as the configuration of molecules and proteins impacts biological functions. The study also suggests a novel route for creating nanoscale logic circuits or mechanical switches for future medical, computer technology or green energy applications, said Hla, an associate professor of physics. It's important to understand something about the chlorophyll-a molecule for origin of life and solar energy conversion issues..."

Now don't go getting any ideas about loading some of the green stuff into your gaming rig.  The tech isn't quite ready for prime time yet.  Better to wait for Sevice Pack 1 at least.  Is that liquid nitrogen in the background?  Seems they're into some serious OC'ing in the spinach labs.

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