Mystery BlackBerry Smartphone Enters The FCC With OS 10 Onboard

As of today, there's precisely a month before Research In Motion takes the wraps off of its forthcoming BlackBerry software platform. And that's a very, very monumental statement. RIM is in a very serious state of decline, with users flocking to Android and iOS and leaving their BlackBerry handsets behind like never before. The once-vaunted company is now a doorstep in the industry that it helped carve and mold, and it's on RIM to deliver a true stunner in New York City on 1/30/13.

And if you were wondering if you'd get a sneak peek as to what the company will bring, well, here's your answer. Thanks to an FCC filing that recently cropped up, it appears that RIM is preparing a BlackBerry device with a model number of RFF91LW. There's no mentioned phone name, but the tests shown in the paperwork make it appear as if it's headed straight for AT&T's LTE network. Plus, there's support for plenty of international frequencies, which is exactly what one would expect from a professional-grade BlackBerry.

The report also sheds a little light on what kind of software was onboard when the tests took place. RIM has promised BlackBerry 10 at its upcoming launch event, and it seems that v10.0.9 was on this particular handset. You can't glean much from the casing alone, but it's clear that the company is saying goodbye to the fatter, wider design schemes of yesteryear and hello to a far slimmer, more slate-styled approach that's dominating the industry these days. Hang on to your hats, BlackBerry loyalists.