Mysterious Verizon Evo-Like Phone Images Leak

A mystery device has emerged on the Web, one that looks a lot like an Evo 4G, but instead one destined for the Verizon network. Unfortunately, the anonymous source of the leaked images didn't give much more detail than that.

It is, in fact, very Evo-ish in what is known. It's an HTC device for one, and even has a kickstand like the Evo. Besides that, it has an 8 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash, 4.3-inch screen, 3.5 mm headphone jack, and a front facing camera. Very Evo-ish.

Unfortunately, not much is know about technical specifications, such as internal storage, display type, processor, and the like. We'd expect it's not going to have a Hummingbird processor or Super AMOLED since this is an HTC device.

To be honest, it's not even clear this is an Android device, though that seems likely, and it's also not clear if it's CDMA or (we can only hope) LTE.

What the images show (more here) is pretty impressive, however, and makes us wish we had waited before acquiring our Droid X. On the other hand, it's just like before when it was all about PCs instead of mobile devices: something better is always around the corner, and you could wait forever and never buy anything.
Tags:  Android, iPhone, LTE, Verizon, CDMA