MySpace Meets Reality TV

Social networking site MySpace hopes to attract Internet users with a new reality TV-style show called Married on MySpace. The show will chronicle one couple’s journey to their wedding day. MySpace members will drive much of the decision-making in the planning event.

The process begins with users voting on videos submitted by couples to determine who should be featured. After a couple has been chosen, MySpace users vote on other aspects of the special day, such as selecting what the couple will wear, the location of the bachelor and bachelorette parties, and even the wedding location. (If you think the concept sounds a bit familiar, NBC’s “Today” show has hosted an annual wedding contest for almost ten years.)

There will be 13 websidoes of Married on MySpace in all. The final episode will show the couple’s wedding day. The episodes will include information from MySpace profiles of the wedding party, behind-the-scenes video, and blogs. Of course, the wedding itself will be streamed live on the Web site.

The series is being produced by Endemol USA which is the same company behind popular reality TV shows like Big Brother, Fear Factor, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and Deal or No Deal.

Even though MySpace may not be the top social networking site, it still has a place as one of the more popular entertainment destinations on the web. Original content such as Married on MySpace that involves its community of users and keeps users on the MySpace page for longer periods of time could prove to be a good thing for the site overall.

Check out the trailer for Married on MySpace below:

Married on MySpace Trailer