MvixUSA Launches Ultio HD Media Streamer

It's somewhat baffling to think about what the HD media streamer sector has become. Even five years ago, hardly anyone had an interest in these one-trick set top boxes. Now, it seems that every consumer electronics company on the market has a unit out. Today, MvixUSA as launched the latest in its lineup, the Ultio.

Hailed as the "ultimate 1080p UPnP Home Theater Media Player," this hard drive-based unit is able to store multimedia content locally, not to mention stream content in via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. The device is powerful enough to handle Blu-ray quality video, and the HDMI port ensures that the 1080p material is passed along to your HDTV in the highest quality. Ultio supports most 1080p HD video codecs, and formats such as H.264, MKV, Dixv HD, MOV, VC-1, FLV, etc. It is also capable of playing unique formats such as AVC-HD (normally used in camcorder footage) or FLAC (the popular, uncompressed audio, craved by audiophiles).

Mvix Ultio is being launched in 2 flavors: the regular version (without an HDD) is priced at $169, whereas the premium version (bundled with 1TB hard drive) will be available at $259.