Music Labels Turn to 'Ringles' to Save the CD

The music industry just can't admit that the CD, although not dead, is dying.  The latest attempt to save the medium, the "ringle" combines three songs with a ringtone for one price.  But the price they are suggesting isn't one that is likely to grab many buyers.
The original version of the song, plus a remix and an older song would be combined with a ringtone download for a single price. While the RIAA has approved the "ringle" term and plans to push for it industry-wide, only Universal and Sony BMG have signed on so far.

Ringles will retail for $6-$7 USD, and it is believed that stores will pay around $4 per disc to carry them. So far, Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy and Amazon have all agreed to sell the discs, although it was not clear if all would support the format immediately after launch.
$6 or $7?  Ugh, that doesn't sound attractive to me at all.  I think it's time the RIAA faces "the music" in terms of the CD.  Think of how many natural resources can be saved without all those polycarbonate discs.
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