Mundu TV Brings Mobile TV To Any Internet-Capable Device

A new service known as Mundu TV recently launched that will let you view live and archived TV and other video content from a range of mobile devices including your phone, netbook, laptop, and more. With Mundu TV, you’ll be able to watch prime-time TV and movie content from top channels in a variety of genres. Perhaps one of the more attractive things about the service is the fact that you’ll be able to stream to both mobile and desktop devices for a single subscription price.

Mundu TV is available on a variety of platforms including iPhone, Android, Nokia, Windows Mobile, iPad and Blackberry for mobile. Mundu TV also supports Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 2003 and Windows 7, as well as Apple Mac. Support for Android tablets is coming soon. The service costs $6 per month or $15 per quarter for streaming to both mobile and PC.

Geodesic Launches Mundu TV – Bringing Mobile TV Access to Any Internet-Capable Device

Asia Pacific Drives Demand for New Global TV App with 2 Million Users
Viewing More Than 25 Million Minutes of Content

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MARINA DEL REY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Geodesic Limited, a leading provider of award-winning mobile and desktop solutions for instant messaging, VoIP and Internet radio, today announced general availability of its newest product, Mundu TV. The service lets users access live and archived television content, video programming, movies and more from top content providers around the world on a range of mobile phones, netbooks, laptops and other Internet devices.

Mundu TV is the only mobile TV service built from scratch as a truly global offering. The app is optimized to run on 2G, 2.5G, 3G and Wi-Fi networks, ensuring superior audio and video quality over a wide range of network connections and devices. The app also offers region-specific content, ensuring viewers from across the globe can easily access their preferred news and entertainment channels.

Mundu TV Offering

Mundu TV looks and acts like regular television – only on-the-go. It offers a mix of prime-time television and movie content from top channels across various genres, such as business, news, sports and entertainment, as well as live coverage of events. The app provides TV features, including the ability to switch channels and pause live TV. It also streams to both mobile and desktop devices for one subscription price. The latter is especially attractive to expats, who are accustomed to paying $30-$50/month to a cable operator to access a limited number of channels/entertainment from another country. Mundu TV is available as a downloadable app, or as a white-labeled solution for broadcast network operators and mobile carriers.

Service providers are looking for value-added services that will drive increased usage of their networks, while differentiating them from competitors and reducing customer churn. Mobile TV is an antidote to declining voice revenues, and Geodesic’s Mundu TV helps carriers and cable operators deliver on the ‘three screen’ promise – providing video content anywhere, anytime via mobile devices, PCs and the set-top box.

Global Reach to Support Global Demand

During Mundu TV’s 8-month beta, the app saw strong uptake from the Asia Pacific region, where mobile phones are the predominant method of Internet access. During that time, 2 million people downloaded Geodesic’s Mundu TV app, watching 25 million minutes of viewing. Mundu TV quickly became the #1 iPad app in the entertainment category on the Apple App Store in India and the top app on the Nokia Ovi Store. Mundu TV has also experienced strong download and activation numbers in Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Thailand, Spain and Italy, contributing to its 315% month over month growth rate and 2 million + total users.

“Clearly, Asia is primed for a mobile entertainment explosion,” said Arvind Venkateswaran, Geodesic’s SVP of worldwide business development. “What has begun in this burgeoning region will mushroom globally, as consumers increasingly adopt smartphones and tablets, carriers deliver cutting-edge video quality on high bandwidth networks, and pricing plans become more clear-cut. With these changes, consumers will demand on-the-go access to their favorite entertainment programs, and that is exactly what Mundu TV is delivering.”

A study from Nielsen Company shows a 44 percent increase in mobile video viewing in 2010. According to ABI Research, worldwide adoption of mobile TV is accelerating, with total market revenues exceeding $20 billion by 2015.

Mundu TV Roadmap

Mundu TV is available on a variety of mobile and desktop platforms, including iPhone, Android, Nokia, Windows Mobile, iPad and Blackberry for mobile. On the desktop/laptop/netbook, Mundu TV supports Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 2003 and Windows 7, as well as Apple Mac. In the coming weeks, the app will add support for Android tablets, as well as Video-on-Demand (VOD) for both the Android and iPhone/iPad platforms. Current subscription pricing runs $6 per month, or $15 per quarter, which includes streaming to both mobile and PC. For more information or to download Mundu TV, visit: